Ways To Get Involved

Baby Bottle Campaign

Don’t let budget constraints get in the way of your church making a difference. With Baby Bottle Campaign, people can easily and affordably contribute to families in need. Baby Bottle Campaigns raise over 20% of our operating budget. Because of them, we are able to continue to help support families who are in need. Each campaign lasts 4-5 weeks and can start at any time of the year. Whether it’s part of 40 Days for Life, Sunday School, a holiday such as Mother’s or Father’s Day, or any other occasion, simply let us know when you want to begin your campaign and we’ll prepare and deliver the bottles. A Life•Way representative is available to come and give a kick-off speech before the campaign begins. It’s an easy way to be a small part of something big!

Join a community of caring churches! Churches who regularly participate in this campaign are: 

  • Holy Family
  • Cornerstone Ministries 
  • Living Hope Church
  • Greensburg Alliance
  • St. Vincent Parish
  • Grace United Methodist
  • Graystone Presbyterian
  • Indiana Alliance
  • New Life Community
  • and many more!


Dresser Ministry

Purchase and fill a small dresser with nursery items to donate to a young parent in need.

Contact us to get involved in our campaigns.