Get Involved


We have opportunities that fit your passion to help others. Learn about our volunteer opportunities and apply today.


We regularly run campaigns to raise awareness and funds to help our clients and community. Learn how you can help, donate or engage your church in our campaigns.

Annual Dinners

Each year we hold an annual dinner in both Indiana and Westmoreland County to thank our supporters, raise funds, and look to the future. Please consider joining us to learn more about Life•Way and how you can become an integral part of accomplishing our mission.


We are able to offer free services because of generous donors, faithful church supporters and fund-raising events. When you give, you are helping us reach more people, save more lives and expand our services.

Church Engagement

When you help Life•Way, you help us give practical assistance to women and fammilies as well as spiritual guidance and growth as they make life-changing decisions for God. Learn how to engage your church in our mission.