Post-Abortion Support

Find Support Together

Life after having an abortion can be extremely difficult. You may find it difficult to navigate the physical and emotional aftermath of this decision. We are here to help you find hope and healing after an abortion. Life•Way provides comfort, understanding, counseling, and many other resources. Our counselors are trained to give support and provide individualized care for those struggling with the aftermath of an abortion decision. Here you can find additional support through peer counseling and connecting with others who have been down a similar path.

Find Hope and Healing After an Abortion

Life•Way offers post-abortion support services to help women and family members find hope and healing after a past abortion. With lessons and spiritual guidance, we provide an understanding of the choices you’ve made and assist in your journey towards emotional recovery.

Get the Personalized Support You Need

Every situation is unique and requires personal attention. Get the one-on-one help you need with personalized counseling sessions, tailored to meet your specific needs. Find hope and healing for the effects of a past abortion at Life•Way today.

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