Grow and thrive as a parent

Before & after childbirth you may want to meet and learn with other new parents. Life•Way offers group classes at both of our locations as part of the Earn While You Learn Program.

Nurture Your Family With the Support of Experts

Our online and in-person classes provide parents with the skills and support they need to build strong families. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing parents with the knowledge, support, and resources to help raise happy, healthy children.

Grow With Your Child

Parenting is a journey, and you don’t have to go it alone. Our classes provide the tools and insight you need to keep your infant and child safe, learn how to discipline, and grow with your child. Take the first step towards a lifetime of positive parenting with Parenting Classes today.

Nurture Your Family’s Growth

Taking parenting classes at Life•Way helps families grow and thrive by giving them the skills and support they need to be successful. Learn about nutrition, home management, car care, gardening, and more—all in one place. Equip your family with the knowledge to make wise decisions and take control of their own lives.

Grow and Thrive with Essential Rewards

Get the resources you need to grow and thrive as a family. Life•Way’s Earn While You Learn Program enables you to learn everything about parenting while earning essential baby items. Take control of your parenting journey and get ahead with the help of the experts at Life•Way.

Contact us regarding our parenting support services.