Adoption Options

Supporting Your Choice

Caring for a baby

Making a plan for adoption can be difficult. You may be worried about how you will make this decision, how it will affect your life, the cost of adoption, or how it will affect your family and friends. Life•Way is here to help. We provide free counseling and support services in a safe, non-judgemental space, to those considering adoption, so you can make an informed parenting decision without feeling alone or overwhelmed. We will also connect you with an adoption counselor, all without any cost or obligation to you.

Adoption Advantages:

  • You give your child life
  • You can plan your child’s future
  • You can hold and name your baby
  • You can know how your baby is growing and doing
  • You can continue your education and/or career plans

Adoption goes one step beyond choosing life for your baby. It is a quality-of-life decision for both you and your child.

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